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How to Earn Primogems on Genshin Impact FAST!

I have been playing Genshin Impact since it’s released and I am absolutely hooked! It’s an amazing game with open world exploration and the combat system is top notch.

However, one downfall is the GACHA system (called “Wishes”), being heavily reliant on Primogems.

As any Genshin player knows, Primogems are needed if you want to unlock new playable characters. Some characters, like Diluc, are top tier due to their ability to do high amounts of damage.

Technically, you can play Genshin Impact without unlocking anyone and without using primogems, but since Genshin Impact is a GACHA game, a large portion of the fun is unlocking the latest releases. Not to mention the amazing 5-star weapons that you can also roll.

The Primogem System sucks because you earn Primogems at a snails pace.

You need 160 Primogems in order to unlock one Wish orb.

Common chests and Exquisite chests only drop 2-4 Primogems, and they comprise of most of the chests you’ll find in the game. Not to mention that chests do NOT respawn, so eventually, the player will run out of Primogems.

On chests alone, a player will have to unlock 80 common chests! That’s insane.

Add in Daily commissions, and you’re averaging only 1 or 2 wishes a day, and you need to wish TEN TIMES to get a guaranteed 4-star something. 5-star isn’t even guaranteed.

And buying Primogems with your own money? Don’t even think about it. There have been players spending upwards of $4000 for a 5- star character. You can check one such video below:

There IS a solution to getting Primogems FAST, and it has nothing to do with anything in-game

Assuming you do all daily commissions, you will get 60 Primogems. Then if you spend the rest of your time opening chests, you can earn the next 60 primogems, which is about 30 chests.

Assuming it takes you about 15 minutes to completely your daily commisions, and 4 minute to find every chest, you’re looking at about 2 hours of work for a single Wish, and remember – you need 10 of those to get a guaranteed 4-star.

Thankfully, I’ve come up with a solution that literally anyone can do.


Prizerebel is a HUGE opportunity for Genshin Impact gamers to get free Primogems. All you have to do is complete simple tasks or offer your opinion via surveys.

You can get up to 800 Primogems every 10 minutes. That beats having to find and open 400 common chests!

You can join now by clicking here. (a referral link)

Over the last few years, I was able to earn over $11,000 in points. No joke. Not kidding. It’s simple as shit and people instead waste their time just opening chests… it’s insane.

Finding Primogems in game, while free, takes a horribly long amount of time for very little reward.

Prizerebel is also free, but you can earn Primogems a LOT faster!

You have control over your Gacha so join Prizerebel and get the Primogems you deserve.

Click here to join.

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